Trypophobic Architecture

A unique architectural series with inspiration drawn from the beautiful nature of our beloved planet Earth

Cactuar Zero

Inspired by the various cacti of the deserts of Arizona. This unique and visually stunning structure could become a future home, a co-working space or maybe a spa. It would fit within most environments making almost any environment aesthetically more pleasing for the humans interacting with it.

Complex Growth

Cactuar meets the smooth curvatures of the desert, another stunning object of enjoyment and contemplation. This would make an interesting and beautiful modern apartment complex, suitably placed on top of a hill as it incorporates ideal vantage points from its upper levels.

Complex Sphere

Based on the familiar spherical shaped cacti, this massive structure is definitely and maybe only suitable as an apartment complex. The elevated ground level makes it possible to place the building almost anywhere creating a fun possible passageway beneath the complex.

Unequal Twins

This similar but unequal pair is less inspired by the cacti and maybe more inspired by rock formations that you might encounter in the desert, like Grand Canyon for instance. With a climbing wall and a sauna this interesting couple would make an awesome activity center.

Simple Sphere

Here is another structure based on the spherical cacti, but smaller than the Complex Sphere. Simple yet beautiful, this building is a perfect example of less is more and would become a nice restaurant or maybe even a small hotel.