A unique architectural series with inspiration drawn from the beauty of the good old jrpg games

The Mall

Inspired by the various creatures in jrpg's. A lot taller than it looks, this mall has its own VR centre, avatar ballroom available for private bookings and indoor VR powered drop tower offering an individual virtual experience for adrenaline junkies not brave enough for the real deal.

The Temple

Inspired by the temples of Final Fantasy X this building contains more than 40 interconnected floating tanks for a variety of spiritual experiences ranging from realization modes to healing and consciousness expansion. Other than that it also has a prayer hall, several meditation rooms and a spiritual library with the largest collection of scriptures devoted to Sol.

The Gym

The whole facility is solar-flower powered. When people want to stay in shape in this fantasy solarpunk future, they do what people in any universe would do and visit the gym. This particular one offers anti-gravity dodgeball and maglev skating, and citizens may use it free of charge as much as they like, unless it's fully occupied that is.

The Resort

Inspired by kerosene lamps and famous for its mirror room, this almost sacred place people from all over the country visit each summer in order to reignite the Flame of Prometheus. Many similar resorts have been popping up lately due to the massive increase in its popularity in recent years. Remember to reserve a room well in advance.

The Generator

A pinnacle of technological innovation, not only is it capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts per hour, it also enables teleportation between similar generators constructed in each city on the planet, in effect breaking the laws of relativity and making travelling between cities instant.