This is a novel synthesis generated by one of our artists, Tanjirosan. Based on solarpunk, but less about solar panels, more about different types of reactors, less about Sol, more about Terra


This gigastructure is a megacity incorporated into a genetically modified tree of unimaginable scale. The couple is standing approximately a km from the structure, at this size it creates a visual illusion similar to that of huge mountains. The whole city is run by a fusion reactor found at the heart of the tree.


With multiple nuclear implants powering her brain and body, Becquerel gains enhanced abilities and never needs to eat in order to stay alive. The only downside being multiple mutations, it's only a matter of time until she is more plant than human. As can be seen here, her hair has already become completely plant based, deeply connecting her soul to Mother Nature.


These artificial trees are perfect for areas with harsh environments unsuitable for growth. Collecting moisture from the surrounding air and heat from the ground they enable plant growth almost anywhere on the planet. Some would even say they are beautiful to look at.